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Site Advertisements & Donations Survey

This survey is to inquire as to how my fellow classmates feel about the ads being displayed on this site, as well as any donations for the site.

The "Free" version of Class Creator comes with ads and you will see them throughout the site.  "Premium" and "Platinum" versions of Class Creator are available, but at a cost.  I have included a link to Class Creator's Plan prices, so if anyone has a question as to what their prices are, they can see for themselves.

Class Creator Pricing

The owner of Class Creator has offered us a 20% discount to upgrade our current plan to a Premium, or Platinum version.  Personally, I'd like to upgrade to the Platinum version because of the increased file space and other benefits included with the upgrade.  You can compare these differences by visiting the previous link I submitted (above).

I currently pay approximately $20/year to maintain the domain name and ID Protect for this site.  This will solely be my responsibility and I do not ask any of you to contribute to its cost.  However, if we do agree to allow donations on the site, then your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey...

Steven Johnson - Site Administrator

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1)   * Would you like to see the ads that come with this free version of Class Creator removed?

2)   Would you be in favor of upgrading our Free version of Class Creator to either Premium, or Platinum?

Select the version you would prefer
3)   Any objections to allowing donations on this site for payments toward the site's domain name/ID Protect and Class Creator plan?

4)   If we do decide on either the Premium or Platinum version of Class Creator...how often should we pay?