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Attention, Douglas Byrd High School Classmates!

We've done a lot of hard work setting up our web site and now we're ready to invite our classmates. Below is some text you can copy and paste into an email, or post on your social media page (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.) -- just modify it as you see fit.

-->copy, modify, and paste the text below to your classmates

Hello classmates!

We have a new web site exclusively for the classes of 1973 - 1982! There are two ways you can join us:

  1. Visit our web site at http://www.dbhsthe70s.com and click the "JOIN HERE" link in the gray box in the upper right corner. Follow the directions on your screen.
  2. Join our class via the Class Connection Facebook application! If you are a regular Facebook user, this is a great way to participate from a platform you're already familiar with without having to create a separate account on our class web site. Our Facebook link is http://apps.facebook.com/classconnection. Just select our school name and class year, then follow the directions on your screen. Participating with our class through the Class Connection Facebook application is safe and secure and no private data, whatsoever, is shared with Facebook. Your privacy is our top priority.

IMPORTANT: Whether you join via our private web address, or through our Facebook link, you are accessing the exact same system and the exact same class data. You can decide how you wish to participate (you can even try both if you wish and see which you prefer)! The only difference between the private web site and our Class Connection Facebook connection is that class notifications on the web site are sent to you via email, and class notifications on Facebook are sent directly to your Facebook globe notification icon (the Class Connection app becomes a seamless part of your every day Facebook experience).

We look forward to seeing YOU inside our class. Join us today.

--> end copy and paste above this line