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Welcome to DBHS - The 70s website.  We're so glad you made it here.

This site was specifically created for the graduating classes of Douglas Byrd High School, located at 1624 Ireland Drive, Fayetteville, NC...during the 1970s.  If you were a member of the faculty, during this time, please...feel free to join us, as well.  Simply click the "Join Here" link in the login box, in the upper right column of this page, to begin the registration process.  If you do not see your name for your appropriate class, or teacher page...please, contact us...requesting we add you to the list.  When contacting us, please include the name you used while at DBHS and your graduation year.  If you did not graduate, let us know the year you would have graduated and we will add you to that class.  Once we update this information...please, revisit the site...click "Join Here"...click your graduating class...find your name, and then click it to begin the registration process.

We look forward to seeing all of our former classmates and faculty join the site and interact with one another.  For those who are no longer with us, please let us know and we will add them to our "In Memory" page.  May the memory of our fallen classmates remain in our hearts and minds...forever.  Our main goal is to keep the spirit of the 70s alive...and bringing you and your former classmates and faculty closer together.

Please...spread the word!


Thanks for stopping by...GO EAGLES!

  • A combined class reunion for classes 1973-1980 is currently being planned to be held sometime in the Fall of 2021.  There is a group on Facebook for those who are interested in the reunion and/or want to help (Douglas Byrd Class of 73-80 Combined Class Reunion).  Request to be added or contact Tom Stepp or Darlene DeVane Baker to be added.  


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!